Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is Horticulture Therapy? Definitions


“The use of plants, gardens, and the natural landscape to improve cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.”

Canadian Horticulture Therapy Association, 2010

Horticultural Therapy is a process through which plants, gardening activities, and the innate closeness we all feel toward Nature are used as vehicles in professionally conducted programs of therapy, and rehabilitation.”

S. Davis 'Horticultural Therapy – Principles and Practice'

Horticulture Therapy is a professionally conducted client-centred treatment modality that utilizes horticulture activities to meet specific therapeutic or rehabilitative goals of its participants. The focus is to maximize social, cognitive, physical and/or psychological functioning and/or to enhance general health and wellness.”

R. Haller and C. Kramer 'Horticulture Therapy Methods'

Horticulture Therapy, to me, uses plants, the garden, and the natural world around us to develop programs that are accessible, client-centred and non-directive in their approach. The programs are client-centred in the way that the activities and goals of Horticulture Therapy reflect the needs and goals chosen by the individual. The programs are non-directive in the way that myself, as the facilitator, does not attempt to steer the clients to any sort of rehabilitative solution; the clients themselves hold the key to their own healing. The plants are the catalyst by which healing happens My role is to develop creative and engaging activities that reflect the needs expressed by the client, and to share my experience in horticulture and support work in a way that is meaningful to the client.”

Lisa Hamilton, Certified HorticultureTherapist

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