Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gardens Without Borders Mission Statement

To support and facilitate the physical, social and spiritual rehabilitation of individuals and communities during or after destructive trauma.
To practice community gardening and horticulture therapy, both within our own community and in countries that have experienced destructive traumas.
To support, promote and facilitate the provision of nutritious foods, and traditional herbal medicines to individuals and communities.
To support and facilitate the recognition, practice and teaching of indigenous herbal medicines and folk healing practices.
To support, promote and facilitate the transmission of traditional knowledge of regional and sustainable horticultural and agricultural practices.

Vision statement
Establish a teaching, gardening and horticultural therapy centre in Courtenay, BC.
Establish therapeutic gardens in developing countries – may include refugee camps, war zones and post war countries or countries damaged by natural disaster.
These facilities will serve multiple purposes;
Growing food, medicines and flowers for the community and for possible trade or sale.
Physical rehabilitation of individuals who have been injured by war or others with disabilities from birth or accident.
Social rehabilitation of individuals emotionally damaged through war or other trauma.
Gathering knowledge and wisdom on regional horticultural practices from elders, farmers and gardeners.
Gathering and sharing knowledge and wisdom on regional healing practices from traditional healers.
Sharing of this knowledge and wisdom with young people, who can carry it forward.
Training or re-training of individuals in horticulture and in traditional healing as a viable vocation.

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