Gardens without Borders at Innisfree Farm is a natural playground of learning and adventure for curious kids.  There are gardens to stimulate all five senses, tall grasses to run through, bugs to investigate, and a gentle maple forest to explore.  A berm offers a birds eye view of the property and surrounding land.  And of course there is the farming!  Innisfree Farm honours the earth by using sustainable, chemical-free growing practices (and the chickens enjoy snacking on cleavers and chickweed). 
From Seed to Harvest
The children will be able to participate hands on in farm activities while learning about the science of gardening and the natural world.  The emphasis will be on good clean fun!  Well, alright, we may get a little grubby from digging in the dirt, so wear your play clothes!  
Through arts, crafts, songs, storytelling, nature experience activities and gardening, we will explore the following themes:

bugs (friends and foes)
basic farm chores--pull a weed here, pick a berry there
plants that are food, fun, and funky (and how they grow)
the vast and miniature world of soil
... and much much more!
Day Camp Dates and Times
July 18-21 or August 15-18
9am to 12noon
$90 per session 

Age Group

6 to 9