Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bridging at Gardens without Borders

Herbs in cool water: a tasty, refeshing and elegantly simple way to gussy up your glass

The Comox Valley Transition Society group Bridging to Employment asked to come out again to the farm this year, and of course we were delighted to host them for another afternoon of gardening and "girl talk" over herb infused refreshments and fresh picked raspberries!

Last year, we did flower arranging with blooms grown on the farm and others donated to the event by 5th Street Florists and The Comox Valley Flower Mart

This year we did herb cuttings to grow on our windowsills throughout the winter.  We cut slips of herbs for wellbeing--lavender, lemon balm, lemon verbena, sage--and slips for the kitchen--rosemary, thyme, oregano... 

I hope all our cuttings are rooting well for us!  Cuttings can be difficult to maintain in those crucial days of root development; hopefully this activity was as much about sharing the process and the learning experience as it was about the plants, with the reminder that we can always root again!

I really love working with this group and I hope to do more programs with them in the future at Gardens without Borders.  I thank them for coming out to the farm and bringing so much light to a beautifully brilliant day!

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