Thursday, September 30, 2010

"The Earth Laughs In Flowers"

Emerson said "the earth laughs in flowers," and I found the image in that quote so fitting for an afternoon creating bouquets with women from the Bridging Employment Program at the Comox Valley Transition Society. 

The Bridging Employment Program offers assistance for women who have experienced abuse or violence.  This assistance is offered in the form of short term training, education, peer support, and employment skills.

 Thanks to the generous floral donations from Courtenay 5th Street Florist  and The Comox Valley Flower Pot, Gardens Without Borders was able to supplement what we had harvested from the farm with gorgeous lilies, plump rose blooms of red, ivory and pink, pale gerberas, eucalyptus greenery, and much, much more.

I gave a brief talk on floral design (not that I am an expert) and shared a way to arrange a bouquet without the use of florists' tape, Oasis foam or "frogs."  But the womens' design skills far exceeded anything I had to offer, and I was happy just to provide the flowers and vases for their fabulous creations.

It was a warm, sunny day at Innisfree, and over Chanchal's delicious tea blend (lemon balm, lemon verbena, fruit mint and stevia--all grown on the farm) our conversation and laughter was indeed reflected in the flowers we used in our bouquets!  It was truly a wonderful time, and I am always overwhelmed by the power and solidarity of women when we come together in such a postive way.

I learned a lot from this activity with the Bridging Employment team: how to manage the time better, what other materials to bring, but all in all it was a perfect way to spend a bright autumn afternoon.  Together we spent a lingering, summer-like day with laughter and flowers.

A big thanks to all who participated, and once again to the florists' who donated.

 Every single bouquet we made was exquisite; the following images are just the best shots I could take on my chintzy little camera!

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