Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mother Nature Collage

This collage is a nature activity I found on the Sneaky Bugs blog.  I thought it was a fun and active HT project suitable, once again, for a variety of ages and abilities.

The purpose of this collage is not about permanence, but about process.

Using something as a frame (I had the one pictured here kicking about, slowly destined for the Sally Ann pile) with some mesh screen as "canvas," a GWB participant and her support worker collected a variety of natural objects, and the participant chose what she wanted to place on the collage and where.

We also placed some bird sunflower seeds to feed some wildlife.  The intent: to see how "Mother Nature's" hand influences the collage over a period of a week.

We had to place the collage under a tree because it was quite windy that day (we encouraged Mother Nature's input, but didn't want her to blow it away completely just quite yet).

The following week we looked at the collage only to find a some dried up flowers and empty sunflower seed shells re-arranged on the mesh canvas.

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